OLYMPUS AS7000 Pro Transcription Kit


1. Automatic reception of DSS files
2. File and document management
3. Programmable, automatic processing of voice files and documents
4. Management of sender profiles
5. Allows clerical person to transcribe right from their computer with all of the same controls as they would with a cassette transcriber.

Comprising of a footswitch, headset and DSS Player Pro transcription software, the AS-5000 Transcription Kit makes typing up dictation easy. The transcription software module in particular helps streamline every aspect of the process. For example, in and out trays facilitate document management while job status information (finished, pending, cancel job) gives you an immediate overview. The automation of work processes such as the receipt and redirection of dictations to corresponding in-trays via FTP, POP3, STMP or network is also possible.

Designed for use with DS5000, DS5000ID, DS-4000, DS3300, DS2200.
Suggested Retail Price: $449.00  Call 1-800-477-9675 for special package pricing or go to our contact page and ask us.

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