Ed Rose, President of A.E.C. Solutions
More than 30 years ago, after returning from Vietnam, I began my career with A.E.C. Solutions as an Electronic Technician which lead to a long career in both technical and sales areas then promotion to management.   In 1987, we purchased the company from the founder and expanded the scope from strictly dictation equipment and traditional payroll/time clocks to include the ever-changing needs that new technology like both speech and voice recognition, digital recording/dictation, fully computerized and integrated time and job costing systems as well as input through biometrics - all in our on going effort to solve the critical issues faced in today's economy.


Our Office Building at 235 West Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

A.E.C. Solutions and what we do!

Our goal since the inception of A.E.C. Solutions in  has been to provide both quality technical  and sales support for our clients in the following areas.

Dictation- (now primarily digital dictation systems of all kinds), but we still offer support on cassette dictating machine. Especially in the area of portable dictation systems, allowing the "on the go" capturing of thoughts,  ideas or creation of documentation, anywhere, at any time.

Transcriber - (now primarily digital recordings, transmitted to transcriptionist's computer, equipped with software, headset and foot-control) - allowing her the same ease and comfort and accuracy of the old tape systems - without any of the headaches of them.

Customized Professional Speech RecognitionAdded to our line in 1995 with the original discrete speech recognition, but has now evolved into truly professional continuous speech recognition. Originally developed for the medical and legal fields,  but can accommodate specialized vocabularies in all fields, reducing the need for typists.

Computerized Employee Time and Attendance Systems-  While old-style, mechanical time clocks that require manual adding - invite "buddy punching" and other costly habits are still around (and we still sell and service them), there are now far better solutions - fully automated, flexible to your schedules -  biometric input as well as integration into your payroll system are available.

Our systems can provide extremely large benefits in either personal productivity and profit by lowering company overhead increasing productivity and,  in the case of computerized payroll time systems, lowering hourly employee cost.

Complete installation, training and any needed on-going support are all offered - "we've got your back!"

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Our Featured Services

Dictation Equipment

The Olympus professional dictation voice recorders are designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals looking to streamline their work flow. They are ideal for recording at large meetings and for every aspect of the transcription work flow.

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Speech Recognition

With our "ASSISTANT PACKAGE" continuous speech recognition system any of our professional clients can dictate as fast as they normally would to a cassette machine but then see their dictation appear right on their own computer screen.

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Payroll Time Systems

Controlling your labor cost has always been one of the most surefire ways to improve your bottom line. The National Time Association has determined that if the employer can eliminate early clock- in's or late clock-out's that are not authorize, then the company will save over 10 minutes a day per employee in payroll cost.

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Digital Multi-Channel Recorders

We sell Digital Multi-Channel Systems that develops high-performance measuring instruments and equipment for: Court Recording, Police Interviews, Liberty Meeting Recorders

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